6 Top Twitter Profiles

On April 8th Twitter made their new layout available to users. Here are some of the best examples to help you think about how you choose to use it.

Some of the key features are: larger cover photo, tweet pinning, prioritising popular tweets and timeline filtering.

Here's some great examples of how to maximise your twitter profile:

1. Mercedes-Benz @MercedesBenz

Mercedes have chosen a beautiful cover photo, vintage cars on a summers day helps capture the imagination as the weather starts to hot up. They give the user an instant aspiration. A snippet of information peaks interest, and then their pinned tweet provides further relevant images.

They have effectively pulled together two of the new features that the new profile offers to make the whole page coherent and focussed, drawing attention to their latest project, the Mille Miglia.

2. Nike @nike

Most of Nike’s customers are not competitive track runners, but Nike are doing their very best to make them feel like they are. Nike hammer their message home with the phrase ‘Just Do It’ visible three times without any need for added scrolling. Their pinned tweet is motivational and aspirational, and achievable, as long as you #justdoit

3. BrewDog @brewdog

BrewDog is the hipster of the beer world, and they know it. The striking image of the neon lights appeals to their target audience, and though they haven’t taken advantage of the Pinned Tweet, their latest picture is of a lovely looking pint. Furthermore, their short profile gives you an idea of their personality, and what you’re letting yourself in for when you hit that ‘Follow’ button.

4. Land Rover @LandRover

Land Rover have taken advantage of their cover photo to use a hashtag, encouraging customer engagement. #ReadyToDiscover is used in a great number of their tweets, securing it as a recognisable part of their branding.

Plus, the image is dynamic and eye-catching, a snapshot of what is made possible with this machine.

5. GoPro @GoPro

GoPro is another brand that has chosen a striking image for their cover photo, what’s more it is implied that the still is taken on one of their cameras. Interestingly GoPro is one of the few brands that has chosen to use an image of their product, rather than a logo as their profile picture. Perhaps because their logo isn’t very interesting, but their products certainly are.

6. Zac Efron @ZacEfron

One of the lucky 10 to get the new profile before it filtered down to the rest of the twitterverse, Zac Efron’s page is excellent. Despite the obvious differences between the cover photo and profile picture, the use of colour brings them together to create a cohesive page. The Pinned Tweet promotes his latest movie, encourages engagement, gamifies and even links to co-star Seth Rogen. Not bad for 140 characters.

These guys are making the new Twitter layout work for them. Vibrant imagery, snippets or information and well chosen Pinned Tweets give your page immediate impact. Are you making the most of your Twitter profile?